Where fantasy becomes reality

We in the Art of Color constantly do the impossible and this is an integral part of our life. We offer you to become the most unique in the world and create your own history. We are ready to fulfill your every wish, however crazy it may be, and even if it seems unreal to you.

More than you think

For you, we mined young pearls from the ocean to make paint. We went to another country in order to feel the atmosphere of your desire. We went to cold Yakutia to pick up diamonds for you and more more more.   Any of your wishes will be fulfilled without compromise.

Exclusivity begins with the basics

In order to create your unique color, we will come to you anywhere in the world, wherever you are. In a relaxed atmosphere, together with you we will create your truly unique color.

Uncompromising accuracy

The best specialists in their field take part in creating your unique color, among them there are special psychologists who subtly understand the desire of your soul, this helps you to understand with maximum accuracy.

Finely handcrafted

True luxury and exclusive

All we do is finely handcrafted paints. We are incredibly subtle and anxious approach to the process of creating your unique color and collect it literally in parts. This is jewelry work that takes place over hundreds of hours.

The masterpieces that we create for you are made exclusively in a single copy. You can be sure that no one but you will ever have this luxurious color. For us, the word “no” does not exist, but we will say it only in one case, if someone asks to repeat what we created specifically for you.

Standard red any paint

Standard bespoke paint Art of Color with real red swarovski stone

Natural precious materials

When creating our paints, it is not rare that we use precious materials. These are Diamonds, emeralds, gold, silver and more. With the help of natural gems we give our paints a special shine, depth of shine and genuine luxury.

Exclusive for your private jet

We took care not only about how to make your car luxurious but also your personal jet. We have specially developed technologies that allow you to reliably uniquely your aircraft. We will make such paint for your personal plane that I will recognize you at any airport, wherever you go. Your fantasy colors will fly with you.





Absolute uniqueness

Luxury and recognition

Exclusive support

We have created exclusive support for you. For any of our exclusive order, we give you lifetime of free warranty. If you need our support, we are ready to leave for you at any time and anywhere in the world. We are fully responsible for everything we do for you and we are available to you all year round 24/7.




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