Art of Color

The epoch of new color.

The Art of Color brand specializes many years in Finely Hand Crafted bespoke paints for cars. Art of Color is much more than just a brand. Art of Color is a deep philosophical thought that goes through life. Art of Color is the story of people who are embodied through color. Art of Color is a true luxury in every detail and uncompromising service. 

We turn history into a masterpiece.


Our hands create masterpieces.

Our paint has a unique composition. It is completely created on a unique natural organic basis. To create each component, we independently grow environmentally friendly products from which we subsequently extract the substances we need. All our products are handcrafted which is made especially for you under careful supervision of experts. We do not use automation. Only the hands and the genius of the mind are able to create something unique.




Material quality


We will fulfill your every desire.

All over the world, only here you can realize any desire in the field of automotive paints. We fulfill any desire of the client. In our story, we covered the car with diamonds at a certain angle to achieve infinite effect and incredible brilliance. We made the mirror paint glow at night at a certain angle and condition. We dived into the ocean in search of young pearls and injected them into paint and much more. We create a real exclusive product. You can be sure that your every wish will be fulfilled. No compromise.

Exclusive car

Increased cost 20 times.

Did you know that cars with Art of Color paint increase their value up to 20 times. This is due to the fact that the paint that we produce for you is performed in a single copy and will never be repeated by anyone.. Some paints from Art of Color we can call collectible. This is a special caste. Car paint Art of Color is more luxurious than Patek Philippe. Try it and see for yourself.

Collectible Editions

Big secret, big luxury.

We in Art of Color occasionally create our collection of some paints. They are created solely to our taste and have a particularly professional touch. This is how we see and feel it. We are inspired by the music of Sergey Rachmaninov, it forces us to create what we normally cannot create. Once a year, you can participate in our auction and buy the Art of Color collection of luxury paint for your luxury car.

The only one

Most luxury, most expensive.

We create the most expensive car paints in the world. This genuine luxury is only available to truly unique people. Art of Color is included in the list of companies that are in the highest segment of the luxury “The Luxury Network”.  We have cooperation with the best car manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, BMW individual,  Mercedes-Benz. We develop every day and our technologies don’t stand still.