Diamond Dispersion®

Unique volume.

Unique diamonds.

Unique gloss.

The best and purest diamonds that are mined for you in Yakutia.

An infinite number of colors and shades.

Any shine from a small spark to endless blink.

Incredible depth of colors and shades. Infinity effect.

Bespoke paint with 4 000 VVS diamonds


With true uniqueness comes true luxury.

Diamond Dispersion lets you make a solid diamond out of your car. Whatever you want, we can do for you any diamond execution. We can reconnect dozens of shades for you, we can make for you a luminous of diamonds constellation under which you were born. Your possibilities are endless with us.




Diamond quality

Number of shades

Milky way effect

Your constellation

The starry sky under which you were born will always be with you.

Especially for you, we can completely recreate the full model of the starry sky or your constellation that was on your birthday. We recreate every detail without exception, because every detail is the most important thing. Your starry sky will consist of the best diamonds and at night the constellation under which you were born will glow on your luxury car. When you drive your car, you will always have your constellation, the constellation of life, luck and power. This is true luxury.


VVS diamonds for recreate your starry sky

You are absolutely unique

People with a constellation



Total people in the world


people having a unique car with its own constellation

People having Bespoke Art of Color services



People wanting to get Bespoke service


all over the world are able to receive exclusive services Art of Color

Shades of life

Show all the shades of your luxury.

You have no restrictions anywhere, even in the number of shades. There are people who have dozens of favorite shades in life. And we can put all these shades on your car in such a way that they will completely complement each other and hormonal each other, no matter how different they are. One of our Bespoke orders included 43 shades for Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII. All shades fully complemented each other and were born depending on the time of day and the color of the lighting. This is a fantastic spectacle of which you are worthy.


Maximum number of shades

True Depth

Unprecedented brilliance and volume.

Your diamonds will be hidden under the 33 layers of our unique lacquer. In addition to its unparalleled reliability, it helps to achieve infinite color depth and saturation. No one in the world will ever find a more beautiful, richer, deeper color than yours. This can be compared with the 3D effect, it will seem to you that everything is not real and you are in a computer game with ultra graphics.

Diamond Dispersion

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