Liquid Film®

Change the color whenever you want.

Especially for you, we have created another unique base for our luxurious colors. It allows you to turn your paint into a film after a while and according to your desire we can remove it. Liquid Film, like all our paints, has an absolutely unique base and components. We can create any of your wishes and bring Liquid Film there.


Practicality and beauty.

Flawless performance and attention to detail.

Our unique liquid film has exceptionally unique components. They allowed us to create this unique product. Due to its excellent plasticity, the liquid film not only serves as a unique protection for your car’s native cover, but also has the effect of self-healing. If you scratch it, then within 4 hours you will not see a scratch mark.

Absolute uniqueness and safety.

Liquid film is an absolutely unique product despite the fact that there are products in the world that offer liquid rubber. Liquid Film has its own unique composition, it is an automotive paint that turns into automotive film. This is a product of luxury class, it is not affected by any temperature drops and any adversities. For quality and performance, Liquid Film is no different from the rest of our Bespoke products.


Liquid Film reliability, plasticity, uniqueness, life


Any paint


Liquid Film

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