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LuminoChrome – is a 100% mirror that can glow with any color you need. Driving into the shade or at night in his car, he will begin to glow attracting a lot of attention. Any color, any power, any duration of the glow. It is attractive, it is luxurious.

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Ultra Mirror. Ultra color glow.

Unique technology with which we create our chrome, allows you to create a 100% unique mirror. The saturation of the luminous color is fabulous.

Any color. Any shades.

​Exceptional materials.

Any of our paints are created on an organic basis. Absolutely unique components created by our hands from beginning to end. Each component is developed separately, depending on the task. Our materials have the highest level of reliability.

Unrivaled gloss.

We created with our own hands for you the best lacquer in the world. It was developed in special conditions and we answer the strictest parameters. It has an incredibly strong gloss, incredible scratch resistance. It is reliable and super beautiful shell. Relevance to the truth of luxury.


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