Starry Sky

MagicLine endless light show.

A new technology that allows you to create a controlled light show on your car using electromagnetic pulses and adjusts saturation, color and pattern in real time. Real magic in our real world.

From $22,000 or from $4,000 for samples.

Look at the colors that everyone loved at first sight.

It will surprise even the most modest.

The advanced MagicLine technology can surprise everyone. When you see it live, it's hard to believe your eyes. Absolutely safe electrical impulses pass through the entire coating and light up the pigment; this light show can last forever until you tell him to stop.

Awesome effects that make you shudder.

MagicLine is ready to serve the homeland.

MagicLine can be used not only for your spectacular appearance in public, but it can also be used for state purposes. Soon, many police stations will be equipped with ultra modern paint that will flicker with police signals throughout the car body. This is an incredible show and a lot of attention.

Designed to surprise and talk about you.

Any shades of glow at any time of the day.

Complete safety in any weather.

We will create for you any shade that you want and you can activate it to glow at any time of the day.

Despite the fact that the coating contains electrical impulses, you can be calm for your safety. MagicLine is absolutely safe in any weather and has the highest waterproof protection.

The other good stuff.

Any impulse

You can create your own lighting pattern using the application on your phone or computer.


MagicLine can be connected to any system of your car and switched on with 1 click.


MagicLine can synchronize with the music you turn on and it will flicker to the rhythm of the music.

Turn signals

MagicLine can work as turn signals and highlight the side of the car you are going to turn into.

Technology Combinations

You can combine MagicLine with any other Art of Color products to create greater exclusivity.

Lifetime warranty

You get a lifetime warranty and free maintenance for the entire period of use of the product.

Explore our Bespoke service.

You can become our Master Franchise.

We opened our doors to search for the Master Franchisee. This status will be available only to the elite and that he will have it will own the world of luxury.

Make your car recognizable with our products.

The colors of Art of Color are the most luxurious and most recognizable in the world. We suggest that you verify this yourself and explore our products.

Why is Art of Color the most luxurious brand in the world of color?

Completely handmade, more than 30 unique technologies developed within the walls of Art of Color. We invite you to get to know Art of Color closer.