Starry Sky

Starry Sky

Now it's Starry Sky.

New starry sky creation system. These diamonds are completely hand-processed into dust. Diamonds that undergo rigorous processing and acquire a new life, a life that cannot be described in words. Refraction of light, incredible volume, unprecedented saturation and the real starry sky of the Milky Way.

Take a closer look.

Any size of precious stones, any shades, any depth. Any constellation or abstract milky way. All you want.

Incredible view

it’s better to see it live once and you can’t live without it.

Meet the new technology that allows you to distribute in a special way the precious stones that we prepare with our own hands. This technology sets a new level for the masterpieces we make especially for your cars.

Each stone is separated from each other

Any shades or constellations will be created for you.

Elegance and luxury.

With Starry Sky you become especially elegant. It emphasizes your sophisticated taste and makes you even more luxurious. It is a special pleasure to watch a car that has a Starry Sky from Art of Color. Now imagine what the people around you will feel.

Putting It Together

Denser. Saturated. More volume. Brighter.

Especially for you, we can reunite all the precious stone particles and create a single canvas, where each stone will be painted in its own color according to your desire. This will create an unusual look that will be very dense, very rich and infinitely luxurious.

Created specifically for you with our hands.

Each masterpiece that we create for you is created exclusively by hand. Handwork is the most valuable thing in the world.